Hi and welcome. The goal with this website, and my work, is to help you lead a fuller, more satisfying life through breathing, yoga, and cooking. I believe that a healthy, happy life begins with daily habits. I’m passionate about sharing small and big ideas that can help transform your life.

In the blog section of this website, you’ll find some of these ideas along with tips, recipes, and suggestions for slowly incorporating some of these ideas into your life. I’m located in Charlottesville, VA and would love the chance to work together in person for yoga, breathing, cooking, or wellness. If you’re not local to Central Virginia, we can also work together virtually. It is 2018!

My background is in science and my passion is helping others live full lives. I’m trained as a breathing coach, a yoga instructor, and a health coach. I have training in ayurveda, cooking, and habit implementation. My fascination with cooking began at a young age and has been shaped by my grandparents, parents, time in Denmark, my Ayurveda teacher, and my cooking teacher in India. I started practicing yoga in high school and have traveled t0 India to practice with the holder of the Ashtanga Yoga lineage, Sharath Jois. My breathing and meditation journey started a few years ago after meeting Drs. Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg, who teach coherent breathing through Breath Body Mind. All of these practices have helped me and many others start to cultivated grounded growth within their lives. I hope I can share some of these practices with you!