Ayurveda, breathing, meditation, and cooking are more than trendy ways to feel better in the moment. They are methods of being that foster vitality, healing, and wellness. Most importantly, they are accessible to all.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicinal system and perhaps the first system of personalized medicine. Rather than a set of prescriptive ‘shoulds’, Ayurveda is a system of living that takes into account a person’s constitution, age, environment, and location. By utilizing simple changes in diet and lifestyle that bringing a person more in alignment with nature and themselves balance and vitality are achieved.

Breathing, meditation, and yoga are quite popular and even trendy now. However, often the words are used lightly and without guidance. These powerful tools can balance the nervous system, focus the mind, and bring strength to the body. 

Freedom can be gained through the kitchen knife. In learning to cook fresh, vegetarian food, we can find healing and satisfaction in our kitchens and at our tables.

In the blog section of this website, you’ll find some of these ideas along with tips, recipes, and suggestions for slowly incorporating some of these ideas into your life. I’m located in Charlottesville, VA and would love the chance to work together in person for yoga, breathing, cooking, or wellness. If you’re not local to Central Virginia, we can also work together virtually. It is 2018! ou!