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Spring Ayurveda Cooking Class at The Happy Cook

Join me at the Happy Cook for a spring inspired menu that will help support the transition out of winter.

The spring is a time to shed what has protected us all winter. As we move into the warmer months and deal with the dampness of spring, these recipes will support and nourish you through this transition. 



Mint Ginger Limeade

This refreshing drink will open your taste buds and help your body to digest the meal ahead as well as help to move what was stored this winter.

Spring Green Soup

Ayurveda's answer to cold green juices. By gently cooking vegetables before making into a soup, we maximize nutritional value, taste, and digestibility

Mung Bean Fritter 

Served with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Seasonal Vegetables

A vegan version of a frittata, this fritter incorporates warming and astringent spices, fresh vegetables, and mung beans for a delicious meal worthy of a brunch or dinner table. The fritter will be served with seasonal vegetables, simply prepared.

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6:00 PM18:00

Transitioning to Fall with Ayurveda

Come find out about Ayurveda. For this meeting, we'll focus on some of the basics of Ayurveda and how a few changes in your diet and lifestyle can help ease the seasonal transition. I'll serve a few Ayurveda treats, chai tea, and provide a guide with seasonal tips. All are welcome!

Cost is $10/person

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