Some thoughts on the new year

Endings and beginning are full of many emotions- I particularly like the feelings of closure around the year ending and the prospect of what a new year can bring. Much like the start of a moon cycle or each new day, the start of a new year provides another chance to give ourselves birth into the world. With each beginning, we can move away from patterns and habits that no longer serve us. We can make choices that help us honor who we are.

A new year also allows us a chance to move away from expectations and attachments. There is a fine line between resolutions, intentions, and attachment and expectation. Attachment to outcome can narrow our view of success, happiness, health, and contentment. If the outcome is not the vision to which we are attached, we can feel disappointed, sad, and frustrated. If our expectations are unreasonable, we can feel like failures before even beginning. On the other hand, if we can enter into the new year with openness and receptivity, we may find that we are able to more deeply experience the world around us and our own life. You may even be surprised to find what you enjoy, what brings you joy, or when you feel most connected to yourself and those around you.

Moving into this year new, try to trust you ability. Your ability to take in the joy of a new year and day, the ability to tune into what habits you feed to find vitality, the ability to listen to yourself and trust what you hear.

May 2019 bring you adventure, peace, and curiosity! Iā€™m looking forward to seeing you and working with you in the new year.

Warmly, Cecelia