Foods to Favor in Fall

Autumn is a season of change. Our bodies are shedding heat from summer and getting ready for the cold months ahead of us. Luckily, nature provides much of what we need to build and stay healthy in the season. Unluckily for us, grocery stores and restaurants provide all sorts of out of season foods that can make it more difficult to follow the seasonal shifts.

In general, opt for warm or hot, cooked and moist food during this season. That includes warm drinks. As the temperatures drop, our digestive fire can fade. By eating warm and hot foods, we can help to stoke this fire. While your MO may be to eat raw salads, try a week of eating cooked rather than raw foods and notice any if there are changes in digestion or if gas or bloating subside.

Root vegetables are in season and wonderful for building. Dark leafy greens are back after their hiatus during the summer. Enjoy them steamed or sauteed. Winter squash is also great this time of the year. Eaten in excess, it can cause some congestion in bodily channels.

Fruits to favor are apples, cranberries in the early fall, pears, figs, raisins, and dates. Bananas can also be nice in this season. Try adding a fruit to your morning oats. I love apples braised with cinnamon and cloves at this time of the year.

For grains and beans, favor brown rice, oats, wheat berries, and small beans. While all whole grains are great, some can cause a little excess air. Try cooking grains and beans with a little extra water at this time of the year.

Tahini, avocados, raw nut butters, and ghee are all good sources of fat this time of year. If you take dairy and eggs, they also provide sweet, building qualities to balance the cool, drying effect of the autumn.

Finally, maple syrup, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom are all great at this time of the year.

Remember a hat, a scarf, and an extra layer when you’re out and enjoy the beautiful leaves!