A little burp

Our bodies are great communicators. The problem is, most of the time, we’re terrible listeners. A nice example is a little burp we release when we’re ‘full’. Full meaning that our stomach is at capacity for the amount of food it can digest, not that we necessarily feel full, generally a much fuller feeling!

Before being told about this, I had never noticed it. My body will tell me when I’m full? I don’t have to rely on intuition or willpower or weighing out portions??

What a revelation! What freedom!

I still listen for this little burp, especially when I’m distracted at a meal, like at a restaurant or at a social meal. It helps me to keep tabs on if I’m balancing my body’s need for nourishment with it’s need to have adequate room and resources to digest. I usually stop at the burp, but not always. When I do consistently, I notice that I feel better and maintain my weight with ease.

Over the next week, try to listen for this little burp. It’s likely that it will happen way before you’re finished with your meal. You don’t have to stop but take a pause and notice how you feel at that burp. What does it feel like for your stomach to be at capacity? I hope you enjoy it, I know I still do!