Welcome / Week 40 2018


Beginnings can be refreshing. And scary. There seems to be so much potential on a white page. So, here we are.

Why a new health and wellness website in a world full of health and wellness websites? Don’t we already know the advice and have too many sources telling us the next trick to get fit/skinny/happy/content/rested/peaceful?

Perhaps that is exactly why. I believe that health does not have to be as complicated and as moral as we make it. I don’t think that health is a battle we are waging on ourselves. In fact, I believe that our bodies, left to their own devices, would nourish and heal themselves. I believe that what we are today is the culmination of lots of little choices over the past week/month/year/decade. It stands to reason, then, that the small choices we make today, tomorrow, and next week will help us to slowly transform, to uncover what’s really inside of us. Think of a bird building a nest. The bird does not manifest a nest by wishing it so, they spend time collecting twig after twig, slowly building, slowly bringing something into being.

Small steps in a participatory process.

This website is a way to help share those habits, mindsets, and ways of eating that can help bring the transformation about. I believe that a healthy, vibrant life is within everyone’s reach.

I also believe we can get there with a lighthearted, inquisitive approach. Let’s start!